February 24, 2024

By Mark Sherman, Related Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — A case with the potential to disrupt Donald Trump’s drive to return to the White Home is placing the Supreme Court docket uncomfortably on the heart of the 2024 presidential marketing campaign.

In arguments Thursday, the justices will, for the primary time, wrestle with a constitutional provision that was adopted after the Civil Struggle to stop former officeholders who “engaged in rebel” from reclaiming energy.

The case is the court docket’s most direct involvement in a presidential election since Bush v. Gore, a call delivered a quarter-century in the past that successfully delivered the 2000 election to Republican George W. Bush. It involves a court docket that has been buffeted by criticism over ethics, which led the justices to undertake their first code of conduct in November, and at a time when public approval of the court docket is diminished, at near-record lows in surveys.