December 10, 2023

There must be no debate over the language we use to explain Hamas and its wicked assault on Israel.

Hamas is a terrorist group, and the acts of its brokers on Oct. 7, after they crossed the border into Israel with the specific intent of killing and kidnapping civilians, had been terrorism.

That makes them terrorists.

Whereas some have recommended Hamas’ political position in Gaza means it isn’t a terrorist group, it’s clearly concentrating on civilians for political ends, which is the very definition of terrorism.

The hazard in utilizing euphemisms corresponding to “militants” to explain terrorists is that it normalizes heinous acts of terrorism and implies that the deliberate concentrating on of civilians is a navy act and that Hamas at massive has another, less-despicable goal.

However let’s be clear: Hamas’ said objective in its founding constitution requires the obliteration of the state of Israel. The USA, the European Union, the UK and Canada have all formally designated Hamas a terrorist group. It shouldn’t be confused with Palestine or the harmless Palestinians now struggling in Gaza.

Hamas’ terror assault on Israel is evident and indeniable proof that Hamas continues to be dedicated to its authentic objective, regardless of its 2017 constitution revisions. The grisly particulars which have emerged within the days because the assault go away little doubt.

Terrorists stormed Israeli cities, killing and kidnapping anybody they encountered. They recorded the atrocities on physique cameras and posted the video to social media websites. Footage compiled by the Israeli authorities exhibits civilians shot in bedrooms, bogs and yards.

At a music competition celebrating “buddies, love and infinite freedom,” terrorists gunned down 260 revelers and took an unknown variety of hostages.