October 4, 2023

Gov. Gavin Newsom poured water Friday on ideas that U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s slip and fall earlier this week is yet one more signal the ailing 90-year-old lawmaker ought to resign and let him appoint a substitute.

A number of liberal Democrats urged Feinstein’s ouster this spring as her months-long absence from the Senate Judiciary Committee as a result of shingles problems held up some Democratic judicial appointments. However Newsom famous Senate Republican Chief Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has stated he wouldn’t seat a Democratic substitute for Feinstein.

“I’ve to remind my buddies that if she does resign and the governor — me — appoints somebody, we might not get one other federal decide out of the judiciary,” Newsom advised reporters Friday at a briefing within the Capitol. “You assume Mitch McConnell goes to permit that? You assume for a second Mitch McConnell will permit one other Democrat?”

McConnell in April stated in response to ideas for a brief Democratic substitute for Feinstein on the Judiciary Committee that “Senate Republicans won’t participate in sidelining a briefly absent colleague off a committee simply so Democrats can pressure by way of their very worst nominees.”

Newsom went on Friday to reward Feinstein as an icon and an inspiration, and stated her declining well being because the Senate’s oldest sitting member has been troublesome for him.

“On a private stage, that is onerous,” Newsom stated, recalling that she signed a guide of Shakespeare for him when he was a school intern. “As a child in San Francisco, she was my mentor, she had my again. What’s onerous for me, she’s not going to run once more, and I want we have been speaking about her legacy and never a TMZ article that she had a slip and fall.”