September 23, 2023

Diane Winkler was mountaineering together with her spouse a couple of week in the past at Level Reyes Nationwide Seashore when she noticed one thing that drew her up quick.

“Alongside the Abbotts Lagoon Path, we acquired to a boardwalk the place there’s a marsh and delightful flowers,” says Winkler, an newbie photographer from Oakland. “I seen these little issues zipping round and hovering subsequent to the flowers, and at first I believed, ‘Aww, these are hummingbirds.’”

When she acquired nearer she noticed that, actually, they weren’t birds. They have been large moths with wingspans of three-and-a-half inches, sucking candy nectar from the flowers with lengthy, snaking proboscises.

A white-lined sphinx moth (Hyles lineata) seen at Level Reyes Nationwide Seashore in August, 2023. (Photograph courtesy of Diane Winkler) 

“I do chicken pictures, so my radar was up for hummingbirds. However I’d not too long ago seen pictures from mates of mine who’d gone to the Excessive Sierra that have been these lovely, white-lined sphinx moths,” says Winkler. “I simply began taking a complete bunch of images, as they acquired nearer and nearer.”

White-lined sphinx moths are vital pollinators — and of their caterpillar stage may be plant pests — that vary by means of a lot of the U.S. all the way down to Central America. They forage in the course of the day and have wingbeats as quick as 70 beats per second, fooling predators into considering they really are birds. And so they appear to be out in uncommon abundance this summer season, judging from experiences from Marin and past.

“For causes unknown to me, there appear to be many – greater than ever — displaying up this yr within the Bay Space,” says Winkler.

The photographer shared her photos with workers on the Level Reyes Nationwide Seashore, who revealed them on Fb with rapid response from everywhere in the Bay.